Professional Fleet Video and GPS Tracking

Automatic Motion-Detected Recording The vehicle is safely managed by detecting motion during parking and recording the surrounding situation. Also,if the vehicle moves during a motion recording, continuous recording is automatically started. Wi-Fi / LTE Telecommunication This wireless function item for FMS(Fleet Management Systems)Cloud server user. Track purchaser will easy join our FMS Cloud and Support 128GB large memory storage(included) VtrackPro has two(2) slots for removable micro SDHC cards each 64GB memory support. One micro SDHC slot is ‘Primary memory slot’ and other one is using ‘Secondary memory slot’. Removable micro SDHC card slot are able to protection viaTamperproof case from driver’s behavior

Police body worn Video Managment Solution

Police body worn camera , 1080P Full HD Video, 32GB, body cam - Up to 1296P Super Full HD video - Wide-angle 140 degrees - 23 Megapixels photograph - Auto Infrared - IP67 waterproof, 3 meters drop-testing - Support removable battery and cameras can still keep power-on when replacing batteries. - Big record button in the front, which can indicate low battery. - One button event mark - Built-in 32GB SD card (64GB optional) - Included 2pcs Battery - Single dock station can charge one camera and one spare battery at the same time.

Professional Solution for IP Surveillance Sytem

Full Line up of IP Solution with using the latest technology and High Resultion Quality Images. Diversifed camera models, Storage and managment Solutions.